About Me

My name is David Bidler and I am an accomplished runner living in Southern Maine.  I'm not the fastest runner, I've never won any races or broken any records.  I'm not the most talented runner, I don't have the best form or the smoothest stride.  So why do I consider myself an accomplished runner? Because I've set goals for myself and have consistently accomplished them.

My first running goal was to complete Portland's 3.5 mile Back Cove loop.  At the time I weighed over 50 lbs more than I do today, smoked heavily, and ate horribly.  The completion of the Back Cove run was a real challenge that took many failed attempts, but each attempt was a step towards the eventual attainment of this goal.  Several months later I found myself wondering if I could run it twice...

I've since competed in races ranging from 3 to 30+ miles.  Running has been at the center of a personal transformation that I have undergone throughout the past several years.  As a result I have come to view it as a tool for the development of the self and, potentially, the development of a community. 
The discipline of athletic training and the process of self-discovery that accompanies it have allowed me to overcome many of the challenges that I see as prevalent in the neighborhoods that I've lived in and in our culture at large.  Addiction, depression, and poor physical and mental health can spread through a neighborhood, social circle, or a family by example.  The same is true for a positive and healthy lifestyle.

X-City Running is an opportunity for me to add to the well of support, encouragement, and inspiration that has aided me on my personal journey of self development. Additionally, it is an opportunity to share the simple and accessible power of our sport with individuals seeking a positive and transformational experience.
I hope to learn from this experience and look forward to the miles ahead.