Friday, February 24, 2012

Running Out of Time

In his book Born to Run Christopher McDougal exposed the world to the distinct culture of the Tarahumara, a group of indigenous people living in the Canyons of Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental, renowned for their long distance running ability.

The Tarahumara have used this ability to survive as a people while maintaining their traditional way of living the for the past two thousand years.

Today their way of life is being threatened by illegal logging, narcotic-trafficking, and climate change. 

Peace Action Maine is showing the film Mexico'a Tarahumara: Running Out of Time at the Meg Perry Center on Monday February 27th from 5-7p.

The film will be followed by a presentation of photographs and additional video material along with information on how you can get involved in the effort to protect the culture of the Tarahumara people and the land on which they live.

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