Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Hours

Last Monday the X-City crew met at Local Sprouts Cafe for the final time to a) eat there instead of just blocking the doorway before and after our group runs and b) to discuss our goals for the group as well as our individual running goals for the summer.

Local Sprouts has been a great meeting spot for all of the reasons that we mentioned in the "About Sprouts" post a while back. But, in order to meet the larger goal of engaging and involving neighborhood youth in the project we are making the following changes beginning on Monday, May 20th.:

X-City group runs will now be held at 7p every Monday night and will start at the Preble St. Teen Center, 343 Cumberland Ave. in Portland.

Many people mentioned running their first race or beating their fastest time as one of their primary goals for the summer of 2012. We've decided that a 5k in late summer/early fall would present an opportunity to meet both of these goals by training together and competing in our first race as a team. Looking forward!

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