Monday, June 11, 2012

100th Mile: A blog for those who go the distance

There are many positive changes taking place at X-City Running which we'll be posting about in the weeks to come. Since hosting our first run in November X-City has grown into an active group of runners with a visible presence in the Portland community. At our recent goal setting workshop we discussed making some changes to the blog to reflect that growth.

For starters I will be moving my training log over to 100th Mile, a personal blog that will host my writing on sports training, nutrition, and other areas of life in which I perform, compete, and exist. Check it out and let me know your thoughts...

Our current blog will focus exclusively on the pursuits of X-City as a group and be opened up to all of our members to utilize and contribute to. Keep checking back to see what we're doing with our site, our group, and our goal of "strengthening the running community while strengthening the community that we run in". -David

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